Harbor Playhouse: 94 Years By Our Community, For Our Community

Harbor Playhouse has been a place to showcase local talent and make family memories for 94 years. Located near the beautiful Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, Harbor Playhouse is one of the oldest and most equipped community theaters in Texas. 

Its stage has hosted over 500 different plays and musicals, and has provided countless creative learning opportunities. Though events had to be held outdoors during the height of the pandemic, Harbor Playhouse has NEVER been dark!

Local volunteers have reenacted theatrical masterpieces such as Adam’s Family, Christmas Carol, Grease, Mama Mia, and more. A very popular production was “Clue” in which the audience was able to interact with the actors to solve the murder mystery. No two performances were alike!

The Playhouse has been a launch pad for greatness for generations. The greatness begins with local people giving of their time and talent for hundreds of hours each year. They do this, without receiving a paycheck, just because they love theater and want to uplift the community. 

This greatness has also been fostered in local volunteers who have gone on to achieve professional careers in the entertainment industry, but it doesn’t stop there. 

There have been nine decades of greatness that come when cast, crew, and audience connect together, as a community, doing what they love, and celebrating each other’s abilities. This is the legacy of Harbor Playhouse.

Special thanks to the following community partners who donated their time, talents, and equipment to Harbor Playhouse for the “Plaza Suite” production: Randolph Lighting for the special lighting rig, and Clean Hair Salon for the free haircuts and 60’s hair styling tips!

From this writer, and the community at large, THANK YOU to all of the amazingly talented cast and crew who have volunteered your time and talents to create, direct, perform, and perfect your skills, so that we can enjoy these amazing productions!

Along with the musicals, plays, and skits, Harbor Playhouse also hosts Young People’s Theater Camp (YPTC) each summer. 

This year’s camps are open to young people ages 6 to 15. Each week has a different theme, and the campers will collaborate with experienced cast and crew, and their new teammates, to create and produce a production based on their own ideas about the week’s theme.

The weekly focus for the 2021 summer camp are: 

  • Summertime (week 1)
  • Once Upon A Time (week 2)
  • Bright Lights on Broadway (week 3)
  • Lights-Camera-Action (week 4)
  • Heroes and Villains (week 5)
  • Under the Big Top (week 6)

Josh Salinas, music teacher, actor, and camp director, is looking forward to YPTC 21.

“It is such a great camp! When kids, or even adults, come to Harbor, it is always a place that can feel like home. A place with no judgment, where you can be yourself. The camp has that same feeling,” shared Salinas. 

“Kids come out of their shells at our camp,” he reminisced. “We have even had kids cancel all other camps they attend in the summer, and end up coming to every session at our camp.”

Salinas concluded, “They spend all week singing, dancing, and acting, and then get to have a little show on Friday to show their family what they learned during the week. It is so much fun!” Many campers return for more experience, and most young people who are cast in full productions are former YPTCampers. 

To learn more about  Young People’s Theater Camp, visit https://www.harborplayhouse.com/yptcsummercamp 


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