Corpus Christi Mayor Says State of the City is Strong

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – July 15, 2021 marked the first State of the City address delivered by Mayor Paulette Guajardo. The event was held at the American Bank Center.

“We have only just begun and I am here today to tell you unequivocally, the State of our City is strong,” Guajardo said. Some of the city achievements Guajardo highlighted during her address included: – Development of a robust$1.1 billion dollar budget in FY 2020 and a $1 Billion budget in 2021 with NO City property tax increase, and NO fee or rate adjustments to water, wastewater, storm water, gas or solid waste.

City credit ratings upgraded by the three major credit rating agencies.The city’s investment of $200 million in street rehabilitation that includes 148 residential streets, collectors, and arterial roadways and 113 lane miles of streets are planned to be maintained and repaired.In 2020, 160,000 potholes were filled, and at present almost 100,000 additional potholes have already been filled. – A thriving economy as a result of the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation and $1.9 billion in new investment projects with more than 1,000 new jobs and over$77 million dollars in new wages.

“With your help, together we are ushering in a new and unprecedented era of prosperity,” Guajardo said. “It’s a new day and I am so proud to be your Mayor.”

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