Harbor Playhouse Presents A Christmas Carol


Happy Holidays from Harbor Playhouse! Come enjoy the Harbor Playhouse 2021 musical production of the amazing classic A Christmas Carol! Performances start at 7:30pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 2:30pm on Sundays from November 26 through December 19.

The production team and many of the cast and crew from past seasons have returned to make Christmas memories, and are joined by some new additions as well. There are about 50 cast members, and almost as many people on the crew who help with costumes and props, run sound and lights, work on the stage and technical crew, and help with concessions and ushering. It takes a community to serve a community!

Stories and photos from the production team, cast, and crew will be shared on our website and Facebook pages in November and December. Be sure to read, like, share, and GET YOUR TICKETS online at www.harborplayhouse.com, or by calling (361) 888-7469 or (361) 882-5500.

And get ready for Clue the Musical showing in January and February. There are over 200 potential solutions, so EVERY performance is different, and audiences participate in each one!

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