New Cole Park Pier Nearing Completion


Fall and winter fishing enthusiasts can look forward to fishing at Cole Park Pier by November, according to Corpus Christi City Council Member Ben Molina.

“Inclement weather has set the project back several weeks, but I’m confident the contractor will continue to work diligently so that we can enjoy our new pier very soon,” Molina said. 

The pier completion is expected for sometime in mid-November, with a grand opening set for late November or early December.

According to the most recent progress report from the contractor at the time of the writing of this article, remaining work to be completed includes excavation of the new plaza, completion of the concrete panels, installation of handrail, composite decking, canopies, lighting, plaza, furniture, and site cleanup. With the project on target to be substantially complete by the end of October, it means the pier will be usable but might have some minor items that require correction, however all items are expected to be completed by November. 

“I’m very excited to see the Cole Park Pier project being completed,” Molina said.

 “It feels great knowing that people, families, will get to enjoy the pier and make new memories.”

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