Business Spotlight: In The Game Funtrackers Hosts Business Off The Clock Sponsored By Capital Title

Corpus Christi, Texas – Once a month, a member of our United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce (UCCC) hosts Business Off the Clock, an after-hours type mixer. In late June of this year it was presented by InTheGame Funtrackers, which many in the Coastal Bend (including myself) remember and still refer to as simply FunTrackers. The popular networking event was sponsored by Capital Title and was well attended by members consisting of local business owners and business professionals.

I hadn’t been to Funtrackers, now InTheGame Funtrackers, in well over 20 years – since my children were in elementary school. I remember the arcade being very small. It had a walk-up window where you could order pizza by the slice and play video games while you waited for your order. The only attraction at that time were the go-kart rides. You’d walk outside through the double glass doors at the back of the building to gain access to them. Well, the location of the double glass doors didn’t change – but everything else sure did!
From the moment I drove into the parking lot, I noticed the building itself seemed four or five times larger than the original structure. Off to the left of the parking lot I could see the tops of several carnival-looking rides peeking from behind the enclosure. “Wow,” I thought, “lots more attractions!”
I was running a little late, so I rushed through the front doors, and quickly scanned the room for the UCCCC crowd. The room was huge with tons of arcade games of every variety, the carpet looked new and everything looked clean and shiny. It didn’t have that smell often associated with places that cater to kids and pizza either!
No sign of the mixer anywhere. I walked to the back of the building and out through the double glass doors, at least I knew where those were located! I walked all over the place, expecting to see my group set up somewhere outside. But instead I saw section after section of play areas, amusement park rides, and all types of activities, attractions, and games, even an outdoor bar and a food court. I wandered around for several minutes and covered lots of ground, but still no sign of the group.
“Where in the world is everyone?” I thought. “Am I at the right location?” I stopped to ask a staff member if there was a Chamber event being held there, maybe I got the dates confused. She was friendly and attentive with a little spring in her step. “No,” she replied with a smile, “it’s going on right now. Go back in
through the arcade, turn left, and walk through the restaurant, then make another left and you’ll see the party rooms and conference areas.” I thanked her. A little confused, I thought, “Restaurant? I didn’t know there was a restaurant” as I made my way back through the energy-filled sights and sounds of the arcade.
Finally, I found the entrance to the restaurant. Nice atmosphere. There was a long bar on the left side with bistro-style tables in the center and comfortable-looking booths with high backs along the right wall.
At the far end I saw the welcome table set up by Capital Title with all sorts of company swag on
display. I was warmly greeted and invited to sign in and grab a name tag.

I walked through a wide, brightly lit hallway and finally, my destination! A large meeting room that could easily accommodate 100 people or more. “Here are your people!” I heard in my head, as I honed in on the familiar faces. After about a half hour catching up with friends and meeting new ones, posing for photos and selfie shots, a couple of gal pals and I turned our attention to the food. Polite staff members attended the tables that were draped in black; the silver catering carafes were filled with everything from
nachos, to sliders, to cheese and fruit, to pizza and desserts. After filling my little clear plate with goodies, and grabbing a drink, I found a seat next to some of my buddies. I enjoyed the good conversation and laughs along with a delicious cheeseburger slider. As we waited for the presentation to begin, I couldn’t help but notice that this space felt more like a hotel conference room or banquet facility than a kids attraction.

The ladies from Capital Title spoke first. They shared tips and valuable information about the real estate market and current trends. I’m always grateful to the sponsors and hosts because it’s these local businesses that make events like this possible.

Lisa Miller, the sales and marketing manager for InTheGame Funtrackers, updated us on all of
the many amenities offered. This is what I learned:

There are 15 attractions consisting of the storm chaser ride, the frog hopper, bumper boats, a lazer maze, axe throwing, mini golf, the ferris wheel, go-kart rides, the lightning drop ride, batting cages, the Himalaya ride, virtual reality, mini bowling, the bungy dome, and the arcade. They are open seven days a week, Mondays through Thursdays from 11am until 11pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am until midnight, and Sundays from 11am until 10pm. Season passes can be purchased on site or from
their website.
The restaurant boasts a chef-crafted menu. Whether you’re looking for drinks and appetizers with friends or dinner and games with family – you can try their delicious crispy wings hand-tossed in your favorite sauce, one of their signature burgers, or a crisp salad creation. At the bar, browse their craft cocktails and domestic, imported, or craft beers and toast to a good time!
I learned that the room we were in could be reserved for large events or divided into two to four smaller rooms and was also available to rent for catered birthday parties, business and corporate events, baby showers, church groups, youth groups, weddings, anniversary dinners, and more.
The space is set up to accommodate anywhere from 10 to 100 guests and includes the use of audio visual equipment, big screen TVs, and wi-fi.

Oh, and there are daily specials available on their website,one of which is a $5 Burger and Fries deal every Monday! What?!! That’s an incredible offer.

The most important thing I learned is that InTheGame Funtrackers is an invaluable asset to all of us who live in the Coastal Bend, they support local businesses through their involvement and membership with the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce. They love to interact with our community and are quick
to lend support to nonprofits. I strongly encourage you to bring your families here, show this place off to your guests who visit from out of town! Plan your next business event or family party here, I know I will! I am confident that Lisa Miller and the rest of the team will provide an enjoyable experience for all!
Be sure to visit to join their e-club and receive a $5 off coupon and a
$10 gift card on your birthday!

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