KEEPING AN ‘EYE’ ON ICON TECHNOLOGIES Valley-Based IT Company Connects to Coastal Bend and Beyond

On May 26, 2022, amidst the music and festive atmosphere on the patio of Pier 99 Restaurant in Corpus Christi, Joe and Mayra Erevia welcomed United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce (UCCCC)members and guests to the official ribbon cutting of their company, ICONTechnologies, as it celebrated its growth
into the Coastal Bend market. A native of Harlingen, owner andfounder Joe Erevia had originally built his
compan y in 2008 as Healthcare IT Specialists, which provided technology services to medical professionals and health care organizations. It was also one of the first companies in the Rio Grande Valley to work with virtual servers. As a certified healthcare security technician and one of the few specialists in his field at the time, Erevia continued to expand his business. In 2010, he acquired ICON Technologies of Brownsville, which helped broaden his services to include web design and computer
networking. Working with a fast response team and multiple subcontractors, Erevia was able to expand
his clientele base throughout Texas over the next few years. In addition to the Rio Grande Valley, areas of service have come to include San Antonio, parts of North Texas, and the Coastal Bend.
ICON offers a variety of technology solutions to fit almost all businesses needs. “Our services vary from regular IT and healthcare IT, to cloud services, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services, security, audio and video surveillance, cabling services, and recently we became an actual phone company,” Erevia
said. Though he initially started as a one man team, Erevia’s team includes a combination of super technicians (who are degreed in network security and audio video technology) and junior technicians (who conduct standard basic deployment and cable technicians to do the cabling).
Taking care of the company’s logistics is Mayra his wife. Erevia credits her with bringing in added knowledge from her prior background in broadband and healthcare to help the family business.
“It was thanks to Mayra’s previous experience working for a major broadband company that we were able to develop the architecture for the phone services as we are now an actual phone company,” Erevia praised.

The recent pandemic and the increase of virtual health sessions revealed a need to provide client education in cyber security. “As we do a lot of IT for healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics, we noticed there was a surge of computer virus and ransomware attacks because many of the patients who just got started doing virtual sessions with their doctors weren’t aware of using anti-virus software on their personal devices,” Erevia explained. “It brought us to be more vigilant about not only repairing, but also educating everyone from the provider to the virtual receptionist. Therefore, we have opened up a new department just for education and consultation.” According to Erevia, technology services are
even more important with the growing numbers of people working remotely for the next generation.
“Network security should also be a priority because the sudden surge also brought about more causes of failure due to people not being educated enough on how to be secure and protect their private information,” he said. For Erevia being able to exceed customer service and go above and beyond the expectations of the client gives him a sense of accomplishment. “I get excited when we can provide a solution for our customers, especially the small businesses as we offer a turnkey with both consultation and technical work,” Erevia said. “We try to imagine the people who don’t have much time to waste on
troubleshooting, so we find ways to fix the problem for them to save them time, with either remote sessions, or offering to train the liaison or technician of a client’s organization.” With Icon Technologies now based in Corpus Christi, Erevia hopes to establish further growth in the Coastal Bend and beyond.
“I once lived in Corpus Christi, and it feels good to be back because it’s a different and welcoming environment, one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever been to in a long time,” he said. “This company was a dream I had since my humble beginnings and the independence I enjoy and my accomplishments are thanks to my customers who have been with me for the last 12 years. As technology increases and changes, my main goal is to develop multiple partnerships to grow with and rebuild with so we can all ride this wave of progress together.” For more information visit their website at

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