Coastal Bend Comedy Takes the Stage

As I look around Corpus, I realize I get to live with some of the most talented, creative and fun people, and think of how lucky I am! I get to check out all the local entertainment scenes and be a part of a community that makes an effort to help lift one another up!

Every season the Coastal Bend offers so many activities! For instance, this past fall alone brought in Octoberfest, Corpus Christi Chamber events, networking events, Día de los Muertos festivals. Beyond that we are able enjoy ArtWalk block parties every First Friday of the month, farmers markets twice a week and comedy shows at our favorite local venues. 

As the global pandemic winds down ever so slightly, laughter and fun have become the new medicine, and the Coastal Bend has some very vivacious comedians to regale audiences with the healing properties of a good laugh through their wit, conspiracy theories, and raw content.

Though live comedy performances have all been here awhile, they seem to have gone unnoticed by many. We’d like to change that! We’ve had great famous comedians who recently came to Corpus Christi to perform, from Anjelah Johnson to George Lopez to Raymond Orta.

Local restaurants like Sal’s Bronx Pizza, Bella Luna Downtown, The Exchange – Corpus Christi, and Mesquite Street Pizza frequently host open mics nights and live acts, giving local talents like comedians and musicians a venue for performance, which provides RAD Octopus momentum for promoting entertainment information and events in the community.

“I hope comedy continues to amuse and inform people in a variety of mediums because freedom of speech is a human right,” said comedian Tina La Cochina, local winner of The Bend magazine’s “Best of the Best.”

Growing up, her comedic influences included Jerry Seinfeld and Roseanne. Now, it’s her comedy crew that keeps her inspired and motivated. She performs at open mic nights at the Mesquite Street Pizza and the Comedy Show at Cruiser’s Robstown. She’s also made the commitment to host Comedy Night every last Tuesday of the month at The Exchange. 

“The most memorable experience so far is checking off my bucket list, signing up for open mic on my birthday,” La Cochina said. “My friends in the audience hyped me up, cheering, laughing… best feeling ever!”

For her upcoming shows, you can check @Tina_LaCochina on social media and through her website,

Corpus Christi comedian Blake Trevino’s comic inspiration includes Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Jim Jefferies, who helped him develop his style.

“Being able to travel out of state to do comedy was probably most memorable so far,” Trevino said.

As an up and coming stand-up comedian with a rapidly growing social media following and witty content on Facebook, Blake Trevino’s shows are in high demand in South Texas. He hopes to amass a large following on all social media platforms so audiences anywhere can “laugh their socks off” at his sarcastic antics of humor through video shorts, events and some original content. 

Trevino was the mastermind behind the Comic Tour Comedy Show that took place this past October at Cruiser’s Robstown. You can find Trevino on Facebook and Instagram as @blakeythecomic and through his website,

Hosting the comedic podcast “Wednesday with Mr. Wendell” is local comedian Wendell Williams. Intent on keeping comedy alive and bringing laughter to people near and far, Williams utilizes various digital technologies in the RAD Octopus Studio. Look for him on Facebook as @WendellWilliams and check out his episodes on RAD Octopus Studio’s Youtube page, @radoctopus.

They say comedy isn’t for the soft-hearted, but I think comedy can be for everyone! Support local comedy by supporting these comedians by coming out for the shows and following them on their various digital platforms!

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