A New Show for a New Generation – Comunidad Canales Continues Legacy

The variety show for Spanish speaking viewers that began with former Tejano singer Johnny Canales and later became The Johnny and Nora Canales Show, now continues with the next generation in the upcoming show Comunidad Canales to be co-hosted by Nora Canales and daughters Nora Seleste “Zee” and Miroslava. 

Comunidad Canales is set to air on Kaja Telemundo Fridays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and will feature topics ranging from celebrities, the community, health awareness, fashion and beauty tips, as well as secret recipes and more.

“Our show aims to not only entertain but to also inform and educate the public on ways to live a balanced and joyful life, for example, I feel energized whenever I am working out and eating right, yet I still enjoy chocolate, soda, bread and sweets from time to time, so I want to share ways we can practice a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying delicious foods or ways to stay physically fit without having to go outside or to the gym,” Canales said. 

“We will interview doctors, local officials, community leaders and other local vendors and entrepreneurs to share their expert advice or promote local products and services  that relate to a particular topic that is being discussed on the show. I feel very blessed that Kaja Telemundo approached me about this opportunity to feature local communities not only Corpus Christi but even Falfurrias, Alice, San Diego, Petronila and Benavides all the way to Odem, Mathis and Sinton.” 

Joining Nora Canales as one of the first guests to appear on the show is famed Cumbia artist Machy De la Garza of the Grammy nominated group La Conquista.

Currently juggling a busy career as a solo artist and teaching music at schools while also being a mother,  “La Machy” expressed her joy to promote a show that showcases the Coastal Bend community. 

“This is all about the community, so it not only features cooking shows, local events, and interview up-and-coming local artists, it also invites viewers to come on  the show as guests, especially if they have a business, an activity or important ideas to share to the public,” De la Garza said. 

Rounding out the production crew are the Canales’ daughters. A business major at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, eldest daughter Zee serves as her mother’s co-host, field correspondent, marketing manager, and business liaison. Nora Canales credits her daughter for helping her find her own path in life.

“My mom has always been there for me and  has accepted me and has always been there for me,” said Zee.

“I’ve always looked up to her as a role model. To this day, she works out regularly and keeps in top shape, yet is still very feminine. She teaches us to always look our best, yet to not be afraid to make our own decisions and choose what makes us happy. She has always accepted me for who I am regardless of what people say.”

Like her older sister, Miroslava is also a co-host and field correspondent on the show, in addition to serving as its social media promoter. Miroslava is excited to work with her family while connecting with viewers and promoting the Coastal Bend community. As a film student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, she had recently worked on a documentary inspired by her mother. 

“My mom went from a migrant working in the fields, to having to learn about broadcasting and then becoming a co-host with my dad on The Johnny and Nora Canales Show and now I get to work with her and my sister, two beautiful and inspiring women on a show that aims to bring the community together,” Miroslava said.

For Nora Canales, the journey to this new chapter in her family’s life could not have been possible without the outpouring of support from the community and, most especially, her husband Johnny.

“I believe God blesses us in every way and when the storm hits, you can overcome it with faith, and I’m very grateful because my husband Johnny handed me the opportunity to grow, he trusted me with something so important and delicate in his life, that I was able to develop my skills and find myself and love what I do since 1996 when I began doing interviews and then in 2010 when we were co-hosting the Johnny and Nora Canales Show, and now in 2022 with a show that reaches the next generation and involves our children. If we have faith, God will direct our steps.” 

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