My name is Melina and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to spotlight local Jefas in and around the Coastal Bend. Just a little background about myself and how the creation of La Jefa/B.O.S.S came to be.

 I was born in Corpus Christi at Memorial Hospital (which no longer exists). I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area during my first year of life. Here is where I was raised and then eventually raised my own family. I grew up often visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for quinces, weddings, funerals, holidays, summers, and all things mostly fun. 

I loved the Sparkling City by the Sea when I lived away from it, and I still love it now. I finally moved to the Coastal Bend eight years ago this November. I first lived on the Island for nearly seven years and I now live “off the island.” In March of 2021 I began work for Concierge Title of Texas on the Business Development Team, though at the time I knew very few in the real estate and/or even the business community. I was a new lady in the local business world with a title company new to the area. Did I mention I’m not bilingual? The odds were stacked against me. I finally found the courage to get out and network to build my referral base and meet potential clients and talk to anyone who would listen to me, about our cost-saving services.

What I came to find in the community is that many women called themselves BOSS, and yet they didn’t exhibit the qualities we, as women, should have. These self-titled boss-ladies were worried only about themselves, filled with self-doubts, insecurities, jealousy, anger, worried about competition, gossiping, all the things we women shouldn’t do. 

As a result of my background and the environment I was raised in, I was not accustomed to that type of behavior from fellow ladies. I grew up watching strong women empower each other and I have always tried to surround myself with these types of females in my life. The importance of how we see ourselves can sometimes be seen by those we surround ourselves with. Jefa was born & I realized what BOSS should mean to other women… Bringing Other Sisters Support.  

A true Jefa (BOSS) speaks kind words, encourages, cheers, uplifts, invites, shares, introduces, connects, and encourages other women to grow. They do this and never worry about being outshined, without something to gain, without malice or ill intent. Jefas do not discourage, shame, gossip, or worry about their competition. Jefas know that by giving other women the same respect and opportunities they need or want, ALL women can overcome together and make changes for a better community.  When a woman focuses on another woman’s strengths versus her weaknesses, bonds are formed, trust is gained, friendships are built, and sisterhood is established. When we focus on the good of others, the good gets better. 

Starting in 2023 I will feature Jefas in and around our area. Cathy Villafuerte, a fellow Jefa, wrote recently, “Local women making a difference: the game changers, history makers, and positive influencers of our time.”  These are the ones we want to spotlight, as they are making a difference throughout our little part of South Texas.

I encourage you, our readers, to share your stories and nominate Jefas you see in our community really being a BOSS! Even if you can’t find one, BE ONE. 

Until next time, be the change you want to see – be kind,
Melina, La Jefa

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