As we look at nature’s beautiful display this spring season, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible unseen forces that take place in order for the blooms to bud, and how this process is a reminder of the incredible and powerful potential of unseen forces within us.

As we stand by witnessing the harshness of frigid temperatures, it’s often challenging to see the growth of life taking place underneath what appears to be bare, or even dead. Yet, year after year the springing forth of new life comes and we get to bear witness to this grand and beautiful display.

We are intricately connected to the earth and her seasons. Mentally, emotionally and physically we experience these cycles in our own consciousness. The trees and flowers have built within them an unstoppable force of potential energy that is designed to thrive. Within us is this same potential energy of thriving life awaiting to spring forth within us to align our lives in harmony. 

The difference between the trees, shrubs and flowers, and human beings, is that they don’t allow excess baggage to weigh them down. There is no resistance to this indwelling force of growth, but rather a surrender to this life force within to do its good works. As humans, we tend to plant a new seed of growth, and dig it up continuously to see if it’s growing. 

In order for the seeds we plant to grow, it requires confronting and discarding patterns of mind that work against us. This is not easy because negative patterns, thoughts and beliefs become deeply rooted in the mind. Thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are excess baggage weighing us down. Thoughts about mistakes we’ve made, fear that things will go wrong, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and our attitudes of limitations and discouragement. These heavy thoughts and beliefs have been formed in your consciousness over a lifetime, and though they can be changed, it usually doesn’t happen overnight. 

So we become impatient.

We say “it’s not working” when the forces of extreme temperatures in the form of challenges and obstacles on our path appear. Rather than continuing to nourish our change and growth and stay the path, we give up, we “dig up” the seed with the weight of our excess baggage before it has the chance to bear its fruits. It’s like a caterpillar giving up because its entire existence has turned into goo, so it never becomes a butterfly. 

You know why it’s hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

We are all spiritual (energetic) beings, with infinite potential of creative power, health, abundance, and joy within us. But it is only when we act the part, when we fertilize and nourish the soil of our minds with right thinking, feeling, words and actions that are in alignment with these higher potentials, that all the power to radically change our lives for the better becomes a part of our experience.

In other words, we need to align ourselves with this indwelling power and potential for goodness in our lives. Our beliefs control our bodies, our minds, and our lives. Beliefs are thoughts held in mind and thoughts can always be changed. The ability to change our thoughts is quite possibly the only thing we do have control over. 

Turn on the light within you, let go of bitterness and hurt. Not because someone who has hurt you deserves it, but because you need the healing unity that only right thinking can bring. 

May this spring season be a time to forgive, to let go of any excess baggage from our inner and outer lives from every negative attachment, belief, and habit hindering us from spiritually growing and prospering. That we may be infused and invigorated with new life and be transformed by the renewal of our minds.

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