A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide for Springtime Well-Being

It’s springtime! Now is a perfect time to recharge your health and well-being. Here are some healthy tips to help you on this journey:

1.    Time to Get Outdoors – Go for a walk and get moving outside. Swimming or kayaking are also great options, as we live in beautiful South Texas.  Enjoy the outdoors and soak up that wonderful Vitamin D!  Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and helping regulate hormone levels! Exercising also gets those feel-good endorphins pumping, improving your overall mood, while helping lower your stress level and your blood pressure for both heart and mental health.

2.    Eat Healthy  – Choose healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep yourself healthy.  Springtime fresh fruits/vegetables are in season like cherries, apples, grapefruit, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and more. You should be eating at least 5 fruit/vegetable portions a day.  

3.    Hydration – Hydration is always key when the sun is out! At least 2.5 L of water per day is recommended for proper hydration. Proper hydration helps prevent constipation and avoid dehydration.  You should avoid caffeinated drinks, as they are diuretics, which may contribute to dehydration. Avoid those sugary drinks and grab that water bottle when walking out the door this Spring. 

4.    Protect Your Skin – While outdoors use an SPF of at least 30 or more to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.  UV rays alter the DNA on your skin cells, creating skin damage, which may lead to premature skin aging or cancer.  You can also protect your skin by choosing long sleeves or hats when outdoors.  

5.    It’s Allergy Season – I want to keep you outdoors, so if you have seasonal allergies, avoid those windy days or peak pollen times. Close your doors and windows during those high pollen times, which are mid-day and early afternoons.  You may also take your over the counter antihistamine as needed – however check with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) first, as these medications should be used with caution in certain diseases.

6.    Springtime Cleaning – check your medication cabinet and get rid of those outdated medications! While cleaning you can reduce the allergens in the air by using a microfiber or damp cloth when dusting around the house this Spring. 

7.   April Showers, also brings mosquitos – make sure to empty or cover items that hold water to help avoid mosquitos in and around your home.  Use the proper insecticides that’s best for you and your family.  If you get bit by a mosquito – use an ice pack for 10 minutes.  Then use an OTC anti-itch or antihistamine cream – use as directed, to help soothe the itch. 

8.    Lastly get checked out – If you have questions regarding your allergies, diet, skincare or insect bites, please consult your PCP.  If you haven’t made it to your Wellness Visit – leap into good health this Spring and get yourself examined – make time for your health AND future.  You are worth it!


About the Author

Ilaria M. Reyes MSN, APRN, FNP-C earned her Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi and is board-certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She has worked with the disabled and elderly population in South Texas and currently works for QC Clinic & Labs. She recently  received the 2023 AANP Advocate State Award for Excellence in Texas.

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